October 23, 2020

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Automated Salary Fixation for the West Bengal Govt Employees with Automated Fixation Form as per 6th Pay Commission (ROPA-2019)

the West Bengal Government has already declared the 6th Pay Commission
which called the ROPA 2019 to the West Bengal Government Employees,
which will be an effect from 01/01/2016 (Nosonally Effect) and the
Salary Raised from the 01/01/20120.

Web Site and various Mobile Apps has published to the media about how
to calculate the fixation of ROPA-2019, but one could not look out about
the matter of the Fixation Form which will calculate by the employers.

this regard, we published an Excel Based Automated Preparation of
Fixation as per the norms of the 6th Pay Commission (ROPA-19). This
Calculator easily installs your computer and prepare just a moment the
Calculation of Fixation as per the norms of the 6th Pay Commission 2019
to the West Bengal Government Employees.

The main feature of this Excel Utility;-

1, Easy to install and easy to generate just like as an Excel File

2.No need to view the Pay Matrix ( Pay Level) it will choose automatically

3) Just fill your Band Pay and Grade Pay as on 1/1/2016 and fixation will be completed and prepare the Fixation Form.

Free download Automated Salary Calculator ( ROPA-2019) with Fixation Form as laid down by the 6th pay commission  2019.



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