October 23, 2020

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Free Download TDS challan 280 excel format for Advance Tax/ Self Assessment Tax/ Income Tax paid through any Bank ( Of line)

challan 280 in excel format is required under Self-Assessment Scheme
for payment of Income-tax (advance tax/self-assessment tax/ tax on
regular assessment) and wealth tax by all categories of taxpayers.
Under this scheme, before filling income tax return, on assessee has to pay self-assessment tax.
Assessment tax payable = Tax payable on total income as per return (-)
Advance tax paid (-) TDS, if any + Interest payable for delay in
furnishing the return for default or delay in payment of advance tax.
1/6/2004, the Income Tax Dept. has introduced a simplified system for
payment of taxes called Online Tax Accounting Systems (OLTAS). The
salient features of the new system are:
Four copy challans have been replaced by single copy:
Challan No. 280 – For payment of Income-tax (advance
tax/self-assessment tax/ tax on regular assessment) and wealth tax by
all categories of taxpayers.
Tax payer’s counterfoil: The challans have a taxpayer counterfoil at the bottom, which will be returned by the bank duly stamped and receipted.
Challan identification No.: The
bank will give a stamped acknowledgment on the taxpayer’s counterfoil
mentioning the name of the bank branch, the 7 digit BSR code of the bank
branch the date of deposit (DD/MM/YY) and a running a serial no. of the
challan (5 digit) collectively called the Challan Identification
Number(CIN), Taxpayers will mention the CIN on their Income tax returns
Advance Tax Challan ITNS 280 form is
used to pay Income Tax in Advance under the income tax system in India.
You can use this Challan 280 to deposit Payment of Income tax &
Corporation Tax, Self Assessment Tax, Advance Tax and Tax Demand on
Regular Assessment etc. Now, you will be able to download TDS challan 280 in excel format from this website

Click here to Download Automated Income Tax Challan 280 


Instructions for filling TDS challan 280 in excel format

  1. Please use a separate challan for each type of payment.
  2. Please note that quoting your Permanent Account Number (PAN) is mandatory.
  3.  Please note that quoting false PAN may attract a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- as per section 272B of I.T. Act, 1961.
  4. Please
    note that to deposit Appeal Fees either Major Head 020 or 021
    (depending upon the tax Payer’s status) has to be ticked under ‘Tax
    Applicable’. Followed by this; Minor Head: Self Assessment Tax (300) has
    to be ticked under ‘Type of Payment’ and the amount is to be filled
    under Others in ‘Details of Payments’.
  5. To
    deposit taxes, appeal fees, etc. in respect of block period cases;
    enter the first Assessment Year of the block period followed by the last
    Assessment Year of the period. For example, if the block period is
    1/04/85 to 5/3/96, it would be entered as 1986-97 in the space indicated
    for Assessment Year. If taxes are being deposited, tick the box Self
    Assessment (300) under Type of Payment and fill up amount Under ‘Tax’
    while in respect of appeal fees, enter the amount under ‘Others’.

Bank’s acknowledgment of TDS challan 280 should contain the following:

  1. 7 digit bsr code of the bank branch
  2. Date of deposit of challan (dd/mm/yy format)
  3. Challan serial number
These will have to be quoted in your return of income

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