October 21, 2020

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How to pay income tax online using Challan 280? With Download Automated Cahallan 280 in Excel Format

Each year July month may be a peak time for taxpayers to file their IT come. but several folks Pine Tree unaware of the method of the way to pay tax online in victimization Challan 280? Let me share this with you all these days.
Many of are unaware of pay tax online in Asian country victimization Challan 280 as a result of we tend to are hoping on CAs or tax adviser. However, it hardly takes you jiffy to pay your tax online.
There are numerous cases once you got to pay the tax and that they are as below.
•           When TDS subtracted is a smaller amount than your liability.
•           When you received the notice from the IT Department to pay the balance tax.
•           When you’ve got different sources of financial gain and combined all at once, your liabilities raise over your leader subtracted TDS.
What is that means of Challan 280?
Challan 280 is that the kind that is needed to be crammed once you need to pay Advance Tax, Self Assessment tax, Regular Assessment Tax, Surcharge, Tax on Distributed Profit or Tax on Distributed financial gain. you’ll pay such taxes either offline (at banks selected to gather financial gain tax) or through online mode.
How to pay tax offline  Challan 280?

Download Automated Income Tax Challan 280 in Excel

As I aforesaid higher than, to pay tax offline in Asian country victimization Challan 280, 1st you’ve got to transfer the Challan 280 initially. Fill within the details and submit an equivalent at the banks selected to gather tax.

You can pay the tax through money, Cheque or Demand Draft mode.

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