October 28, 2020

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How To Reset Your Income Tax e-filing Password? – If Unable To Reset Through Forgot Password Options- With Automatic Income Tax Form 16 Part B for F.Y. 2019-20

Resetting Income tax e-filing password is not so difficult for
a taxpayer but it becomes difficult when the mobile no. and email id. is not
belongs to the taxpayer. Most of the taxpayers submits their income tax return
through their tax consultant, CA or other concerned person. In many cases those
experts gives their personal mobile no. and email id. in the taxpayer’s
profile. As a result, when any taxpayer changes their tax consultant or CA, the
taxpayer faces difficulty to reset password. In earlier so many easy options
were available to reset income tax efiling password, but now the department
increases security to prevent fraudulent activities.

How to reset income tax e-filing password ?
Go to www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and
click on reset password.
After giving your user id (PAN) you will get 4 options to retrieve your password
such as,

Answer secret question
: To use this option, either registered mobile no or registered
email id  should be yours. You will need to give correct answer within 3
attempts and same otp will be sent to registered email id & mobile no.
Enter otp and create new password.
: This an expensive option. If you
already have Digital Signature Certificate then upload it, otherwise you need
to buy DSC
e-filing OTP
To use this option both
registered email id and mobile no. should be yours. Different otp will be sent
to email and mobile and using those you can reset password.
Aadhaar OTP
Your aadhaar should be
linked with PAN and your mobile no. should be registered with aadhaar to
generate aadhaar otp

Also you can login to your income tax e-filing
profile through Net Banking

What to do if unable to reset password through forgot password options ?

mobile number with Aadhaar
Updating mobile no. with
Aadhaar is the easy and good step to generate aadhaar otp and reset password
with it. Click here to
check the location of  nearest Aadhaar update centre with state name or
postal pin code. Once your mobile no is registered with aadhaar you will get
multiple facilities such as e-verify I.T. Returns, aadhaar otp generation for
other purpose etc.
Net Banking
: Register for Net Banking in at least
one of your savings bank account. Most of the banks receives application
through online and activates net banking with in 2 days. After successful
registration, login to your net banking with user id & password. Click on
‘e-filing’ option at net banking website and you will be redirected to your
income tax profile. Then you can change your income tax efiling
: As mentioned
earlier that it is an expensive option to buy Digital Signature Certificate.
Only do this if you have not any other option.

What to do if no option works
to reset income tax password ?

Write a self
attested clarification letter seeking a default password to log in to income
tax e-filing profile. Also scan your Aadhaar card & PAN card and self
attested it. Made a zip file with these 3 documents and send it
[email protected] via email.

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