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November 29, 2022

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Income tax department warns people against hoax mails

The income tax department has cautioned the general public about emails being received by taxpayers claiming to be sent by the Income Tax Department asking the taxpayers to download file containing payable tax details.

Such phishing mails are being sent from email addresses like “[email protected]”. It is clarified that the Income Tax Department does not send any communication from private email addresses such as gmail, yahoo etc.

Taxpayers are cautioned that they should not respond to such phishing mails and avoid downloading any attachment, which may contain virus or malicious software. Taxpayers are advised to visit “Report Phishing” button on National Website of Income Tax Department i.e. in case they receive such phishing mails, the advisory added. As a case in point the department also appended an email in which RBI governor

Raghuram Rajan also ‘endorses’ the email and congratulates the recipient for winning the princely sum of money.
Source from:-The times of India

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