October 27, 2020

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Pensioners can submit life certificate in physical form or digitally in pension paying bank

November is the month for all pensioners to provide life certificates to their wall so that they would protract to receive their pension. Pensioners can submit life document in physical form as well as in digital format through Jeevan Praman portal, which is based on Aadhaar. Moreover remember, a pension is not a largesse or bounty conferred by the state and thus cannot be denied for want of Aadhaar, as the Supreme Court has said in its 26 September 2018 judgement. This means pensioners can use unorganized for identification.
While most senior resider pensioners visit wall branches during November and sign on the register as proof of living, some find it difficult to be physically present for this. This usually ways a lot of trauma for elders who are not in good health or too old to make it physically to their wall branches.
The government has taken steps to end the pain of this process. However, many pensioners and their caregivers are unaware of it. Here is what you can do.
The pensioner is not required to visit her pension paying wall workshop in November every year for submitting life certificate. Aadhaar based hallmark of life document can be submitted online through Jeevan Praman portal by the pensioner, which is moreover wanted as life certificate, in the wing to existing ways of submitting life document in a physical form.
A pensioner can submit Aadhaar-based online life document through the Jeevan Pramaan website https://jeevanpramaan.gov.in/. A successful hallmark generates digital life document that gets stored in the Life Document Repository, which can be accessed online by the pension disbursing agencies such as a bank. But increasingly well-nigh it later.
An office memorandum, issued by the Central Pension Accounting Office, under the Ministry of Finance, unmistakably says, “…the pension worth holding branches of all authorised banks may be instructed to strictly pinion to the existing norms and do not harass the pensioners/family pensioners by insisting upon presenting themselves physically in the wall if their life document is submitted duly signed by the validity specified in Correction Slip No.14…”
This means, pensioners who are unable to visit their wall branch, can submit a life certificate, duly signed by a Magistrate, a Registrar or sub-Registrar, a Gazetted Officer, a Police Officer no unelevated the rank of Sub-Inspector, a postmaster, a matriculation I officer of the Reserve Wall of India (RBI), a pensioned officer who surpassing retirement exercised powers of a Magistrate, a Justice, a Block Development Officer or Munsif or Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar, a Head of Village Panchayat, a Member of Parliament or State Legislature or a Treasury Officer..
For pensioners receiving a pension through their savings worth in a public sector bank, the Officer of the wall can sign the life certificate. However, many times, such pensioners or their family members find it difficult to submit physical reprinting of the life certificate.
A notification issued last year by the department of pensions and pensioner’s welfare, under the ministry of personnel, public grievance and pension, unmistakably says, “In view of the difficulties faced by old and infirm pensioners, banks should make touchable effort to provide the facility of obtaining life document from the premises or residence of such pensioners….personal visitation may be exempted if a living document in the prescribed form signed by persons specified….is produced on his (pensioner’s) behalf.”

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