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Automated Income Tax Calculator for the F.Y.2020-21 With Investments to save tax U / s 80C For the F.Y.2020-21

The tax season is here and I started getting emails and comments asking “best tax-saving investments”. Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this. The best investments are different for different people and combine with their return expectations, risk-taking ability, personal situation and alignment with their financial goals in other matters. Download Automated Income Tax […]


If you have received arrears of salary/pension in the Financial year 2020-21 related to the previous year(s) then your tax liability will be on the higher side due to arrears but do you know that you can bifurcate your income  from arrears in respective years on notional basis and can avail relief u/s 89(1) of […]

Income tax arrears relief calculator u/s 89(1) downloads

 Download Automated Income Tax Arrears Relief Calculator U/s 89(1) with Form 10 E from the Financial Year 2000-01 to the Financial Year 2022-23  Excel Form 10E – Withholding Salary A.Y 2023-24 Calculator of Benefits for Rebate under Section 89(1) Income Tax Act 1961 – Download Under section 89(1) of the Income Tax Act 1961, an exemption from income tax was […]

U/s 89 (1) Income Tax Exemption Calculator with Form 10E for F.Y 2022-23 (based on Budget 2022)

U/s 89 (1) Income Tax Exemption Calculator with Form 10E |How can income tax arrears be exempted from wage arrears from the previous tax year? If we really assume you might be nervous about the tax consequences of the equivalent. Would it be okay for me to have to pay taxes on the total taxable amount? Shouldn’t something be said about the previous year’s tax checks etc? For taxpayers […]

Deductions U/s 10| With Automatic Income Tax Form 16 Part B for the F.Y.2021-22 as per Old and New Tax Regime

Deductions U/s 10|As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, each tax payers Indian citizen who’s Income above a certain limit of income is liable to pay tax. So, with each financial year falling, taxpayers look for ways to reduce their tax liability.  In other words, you’re fired. To reduce the burden on taxpayers, to encourage them […]

Income tax allowances as well as deductions of salaried persons| With Auto-fill Income Tax Preparation Software in Excel for the Govt and Non-Govt Employees for the F.Y.2021-22

Income tax allowances, as well as deductions of salaried persons | Salaried persons, constitute a major part of the overall taxpayers of the country and their contribution to tax collection is significant. Therefore, Income tax deduction provides many opportunities for tax saving for the salaried class. With these discounts and rebates and one can significantly reduce his taxes. […]

What is Section 80TTA? With Automatic Income Tax Preparation Software in excel All in One for the Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Assam State Employees for the F.Y.2021-22

 What is Section 80TTA? Section 80TTA of the Income Tax Act gives a discount to interest income. Limits are accessible for certain constraints and limitations. Therefore, In this article, we have covered everything  identified with guaranteeing tax exemption because of interest procured Tax exemption on interest income In other words, where a taxpayer’s total income remembers any […]

Income Tax deduction for medical treatment U/s Section 80DDB With Automated Income Tax Preparation Software in Excel for the West Bengal Govt Employees for the F.Y.2020-21 ( New and Old Tax Regime U/s 115 BAC)

Who can Claim Deductions under Section 80DDB? Under Section 80DDB of the tax Act, 1961, taxpayers can claim a deduction for medical treatment of certain specified ailments for self or dependent. this sort of deduction is roofed in Chapter VIA of the tax Act, 1961. The citizen of India can claim deduction under this section. […]

When senior citizens are not required to file their ITR? With Automated Income Tax Software All in One for the Andhra Pradesh State Employees for F.Y.2020-21 as per U/s 115 BAC.

In India, the bulk of Senior Citizen faces financial hardship in adulthood as most of them aren’t during a position to earn their livelihood. Their savings, if any, aren’t enough to satisfy their day to day, particularly the medical expenses. Senior Citizen with good net-worth value is in search of excellent short-term financial getting to […]

What is the Interest Income is Exempt for Senior Citizens and Individuals in Income Tax? With Automated Income Tax Salary Arrears Relief Calculator U/s 89(1) with Form 10E from the F.Y.2000-01 to F.Y.2020-21 (Updated Version)

IntroductionThe Savings Bank Interest earns is the amount paid to an entity for lending its money or letting another entity use its funds. On a bigger scale, interest income is the amount earned by an investor’s money that he places in an investment or project. Such income is usually taxable, however, the Income Tax gives […]

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