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August 18, 2022

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Tapan Singhel: Mind Over Money: How Meditation and Lord Buddha’s Teachings Inspired This CEO


“I remember a statement attributed to Lord Buddha, in which he says, “If you want to see the bottom of the pond, the water must be still. I think this one sentence would define enlightenment in itself. You understand it when you read deeply,” says Tapan SinghelMD & CEO Bajaj Allianz General Insurance,

in an interview with ETMarketsSinghel said: “Meditation is not just about a thing, it is a way of life and if you are successful in assimilating what you do, you can meditate 24 hours a day,” edited Part:

This is the final part of our 2-part series with Tapan Singhel.

I was looking at your profile and what I love the most is the series you started – break prejudice, What inspired you to start it?
No one wants to be biased; No one wants to be biased against anything. Everyone is a good person. However, over time, biases develop.

Each of us will build up some prejudices over time. This happens even without our knowledge. And if you look back, you will see that at some point of time there will be some biases that affect your decision making, all your thinking, all your thoughts.

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So, having conversations to break prejudice is very important and that’s where you talk to people. You can’t go straight to a person and address their biased nature.

Sometimes it becomes difficult when your near and dear ones make you sit at that place. That’s when my thought process was such that you can’t directly tell people that they have prejudice.

So how do you bring up relevant topics? How do you discuss what you think would be a common, prevailing prejudice, and how do you break it down and put it in a subtle way to make sense of it? So, I think that was our effort.

What is your inspiration or what is it that inspires you the most?
I guess when I was little I didn’t think that much. I was like any normal young man, very impulsive and very angry. I didn’t care if I hurt anyone or not.

However, somewhere along the way, I realized that this is not the kind of life I want to live. The life I want to lead is one where I can make a difference in people’s lives, where I can be with them in their bad times, good times and stand by them.

Also, once that feeling came in my mind, then I also started thinking that even for those who harm me, I should think good for them.

Hence, this process takes time; It is not an overnight process and I also think of doing good deeds for others. On the other hand, I also think that how can I make a difference in their life?

It is not just about donating or giving money, but I firmly believe that you have to work on capacity building; You have to work on building skills, and you have to work on building the kinds of abilities that should be permanent.

So, I think this transition happened to me over time, and that’s how my thinking has evolved and thus my behavior has changed over time.

So, it’s just a natural progression. I think most people go through this; I too have gone through this natural tradition.

Has any book contributed to that particular change in this process?
After changing the process, apparently, I started trying to figure it out. It inspired me to understand what spiritual yoga really is. Many of us do not really understand yoga, we only see its physical form, and it is a part of it, but it is not only that.

This made me a curious person by nature. I read many books and understood philosophy instead of the science of spirituality.

People do not understand that this is a very simple scientific process. It is not a very complicated process. I remember a statement attributed to Lord Buddha, in which he says, “If you want to see the bottom of the pond, the water must be still”.

I think this one sentence would define enlightenment in itself. When you read deeply you understand this and you see different philosophers like Patanjali Yogi and the way they speak about this concept how you do your mind as a whole.

Therefore, it leads you on the path of enlightenment. It’s very fascinating and let me tell you, one experience and the learning is this, it is a very scientific process – any person, whoever he is, can become spiritual in a very scientific process. I think that has been my lesson.

How did it happen Meditation What helped you look inside yourself, especially in difficult times?
I guess for me meditation is not about looking anywhere. There are many techniques, there is not only one. So, some people chant, some inhale and some pray – these are creations of meditation.

I think if you do any work, it is meditation in itself. So meditation is not the only thing. It is a way of life and if you are successful in imbibing whatever you do, you can meditate 24 hours a day.

So, I think something like this that you start to enjoy over time gives you more focus, more clarity.

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