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August 18, 2022

Itax Software

Income Tax Software

Tax Preparation Excel Based Software for Non-Govt employees FY 2014-15(Tax Compute +Salary Structure+Salary Sheet+HRA Exemption+Form 16 Part A&B and Part B + Form 12 BA)

As per the Central Finance Budget, the Income Tax Slab has already Raised from 2 lakh to 2.5 Lakh, and the most popular Tax Section 80C has also Raised from 1 lakh to 1.5 Lakh. It is also available the Tax Rebate Rs. 2,000/- U/s 87A. 
It appears from the various web site, published various type of Income Tax Calculator, but all are not complete Tax Calculator which can prepare all calculation as required for the submit the Income Tax Statement to the employee’s office or Dedoctor.
Here is given below an unique Excel Based Software only for the Private / Non-Govt employees for the Financial Year 2014-15. This Excel Based Software can prepare at a time your Tax Compute Sheet + Salary Structure + Salary Sheet + Automatic HRA Exemption Calculation + Form 16 Part A&B and Part B + Form 12 BA. 
Main feature of this Excel Utility :-
1) Prepare at a time all tax compute sheet for fy 2014-15
2) Tax Slab and other Tax Section have in this Utility as per Finance Budget 2014-15
3) All calculation will be calculate automatically 
4) Automatic Convert the Amount in to the In Words without any Excel Formula
5) Automated Form 16 Part A&B ( Modified Format of Form 16)
6) Automated Form 16 Part B ( Modified Format)
7) The Salary Structure have prepare on the salary pattern of Private Concerned pattern

Download the All in One TDS on Salary for Private Employees For Financial Year 2014-15 (Prepare at a time Tax Compute Sheet+HRA Compute + Form 12 BA + Form 16 Part A&B + Form 16 Part B)

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