October 26, 2020

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Understanding Form 12 BA in Income Tax Rules and Automatic Master of Form 16 with Form 12 BA for Fin Yr 2017-18 and Ass Yr 18-19

Form 16 and Form 12 BA are provided by the employer which was details about the employee’s Salary and Value of Perquisite U/s 17(1) and 17(2) of Income Tax Rules, these are use while calculating Tax Liability and filling Income Tax Return where we look in to the details of Salary in Form 16 and the details of Value of Perquisite U/s 17(2) which provided by the employer to the employee which is shown in this Form 12 BA.

You can easily calculate the employee’s Taxable Income and the Tax Payable or Refundable with the Automatic Form 16 Part B and also you can get more one step with this form 16 Part B, that the  Form 12 BA.
Below given the Excel Based Income Tax Salary Certificate Form 16 Part B with Form 12 BA, which most effective for the Financial Year 2017-18 and Assessment Year 2018-19.

Click here to download this utility Automatic Form 16 with Form 12 BA for Ass year  2018-19


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